"Fans of skateboarding and reluctant readers alike will be thrilled because most of the story is action...[Ross] executes the simple plot well and keeps it moving at a clip, and he never forgets to include a few epic wipeouts." - Book of the Week – Booklist, September 2011

“Ross's very clear description of the characters' skateboarding feats gives the story a great deal of motion and colour, with the action in the final half of the book making it very difficult to put the book down. …an engaging read for preteens and teens interested in experiencing the fast-paced sport of skateboarding.” - CM Magazine, 7 October 2011

"This is the perfect book for those of you who are skaters, or those of you who can't refuse a dare, or those of you who need a short, action-packed read." - Read On, 6 September 2011



At the end of his final year of high school, Casey is wondering what to do with his life. He hasn’t applied to any colleges, and other than skateboarding, he doesn’t believe he’s very good at much of anything. When a young movie star contacts Casey and offers him the job of stunt double in an upcoming skateboarding movie, Casey is stoked. It’s his dream job, and Casey jumps at the opportunity to train the star. But when word gets out about Casey’s new gig, a local skater has other ideas about who would make the best stunt double.

Award Canadian Children's Book Center Best Books for Teens 2012

Where it came from: This book took a few shots before it worked. The first couple of drafts included a drug deal gone bad, a one eyed dog, and a bag full of guns. None of which were ever fired. The idea of having a child celebrity came to mind after one of the current pop 'sensations' did 'something outlandish'. It has always seemed to me that if you become famous due to your talent, hard work, and a love of whatever your art or sport or whatever, then that is awesome. It doesn't matter if I like what you do, I like what you have done. But people who get famous for being famous (not because of talent or the production of some form of art, &c.) are, to me, not worthy of their fame or our respect and admiration.

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By Jeff Ross