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TORONTO: September 27th, The Word on the Street Toronto - This is Not the Shakespeare Stage. Times and more info to come. But Patrick DeWitt will be there as well, in a totally different spot at a totally different time, but who cares. Patrick DeWitt!

OTTAWA: On Friday March 27th at 7:30 pm (don't be late!) I'll be at Lisgar High in Ottawa to give a talk on 'My Path to Becoming a Writer'. If you miss this talk there is absolutely no way you will ever become a writer. You've been warned.

CCBC TD Canada Book Week Schedule

These are the dates I have in Alberta for the CCBC TD Canada Book Week

Julie Flett's beautiful poster for this years CCBC TD CANADATRUST BOOKWEEK

May 4: Mayerthorpe - Mayerthorpe Jr. Sr. High School - ALL DAY
May 5: Camrose - Camrose Public Library - ALL DAY
May 6: Red Deer - St. Francis of Assisi  Middle School - Morning
May 6: Cochrane - St. Timothy Jr. Sr. High - Afternoon
May 7: Lethbridge - Gilbert Paterson Middle School - Morning
May 7: Vulcan - County Central School - Afternoon
May 8: Coaldale - Coaldale Public Library - ALL DAY


Then I'm off to visit my publisher for the first time ever. Victoria BC for a weekend of getting to know people, and relaxing after what looks like a pretty serious week of presentations.

The Algonquin Times shows me some love this week


November 15: Stittsville branch of the OPL. I'm giving a workshop on planning, writing, and editing short stories for the 50+ Short Story writer's contest.

July 23, August 1, 11, 20: Carleton University Summer Writing Workshop - guest speaker on Video Game Narratives.

June 10th: Carleton University; Advanced Fiction Workshop - guest speaker.

May 7th: Carleton University Enrichment Mini-Course - guest speaker.

On May 3rd, during Aegle Events Wakefield Covered Bridge Fun Run & Duathlon, I will be in the Wakefield Writers Festival La Pêche| tent with to help promote the Writers Festival event the following weekend. 

On May 10th I will be a part of the Capital Mayhem event at the Ottawa Public Library. This is a free event including a free lunch. The guest of honor is Peter Robinson. 

Capital Mayhem

Above All Else out March 1st 2014

My most recent YA novel for Orca Books is out next week. Here's a brief description

This team’s winning streak has taken an ugly turn. 

Del plays striker on his high school soccer team, the Cardinals, and they’ve gone almost three seasons undefeated. To Del, it’s just a game, but some of the players think winning is all that matters. When an ugly tackle results in a major loss for the Cardinals against their main rival, the Rebels, things get heated between the teams. That night, one of Del’s teammates has his ankle broken by an unknown assailant, leaving him unable to take part in the playoffs. 
   As Del tries to figure out which of the Rebels’ players is responsible for the attack, his coach brings in a substitute player, and he’s actually really good. Is it just a coincidence, or did someone finally take the above all else mentality too far?

This may be my final Orca Sports book. Primarily because as much as I do love sports, I have run out of ones where the main objective is to stand sideways on a board. I've always enjoyed soccer, which is why I wrote this particular book. My only other real love in sports is hockey which I feel we have plenty of books about here in Canada. Nevertheless, I am happy with this book and look forward to hearing what people have to say about it.

So far Quill and Quire states: "What stands out in both books (Underhand by M.J.McIsaac is the other book) is the sense that the authors understand teenagers, teenage boys in particular. Though the athletics angle is the initial draw, these narratives explore themes of sportsmanship, integrity, family, and friendship."