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I was born in Hamilton, Ontario which is not as smoggy a place as people make it out to be. I spent my early years in Ancaster, Ontario. Then, for reasons  a ten year old could never comprehend, my family moved to Thornbury, Ontario.  On my first day of school someone took my totally awesome Motley Crew jean jacket and tossed it in the garbage bin.

But it got better. As they say, it always gets better.

I learned to ski at Blue Mountain and did a lot of skiing until I discovered snowboarding at which time I sold my skis, bought a snowboard and have never considered skiing again. Eventually I became totally awesome at snowboarding and spent hours jumping off fifty foot cliffs into eight feet of powder (I'm a fiction writer, allow me these exaggerations).

After high school (which had its moments, good ones and math class both) I attended Carleton University and learned a lot about literature which, as a writer, I am now trying to forget. Because no matter how you look at it, there is a giant divide between critical reading and writing novels.  Something you can ask me about if you like. I will gladly bore you for hours with a response.

After University I spent a number of years DJing (alternative, hard techno, and for a short time jungle) until, one fateful night, a two hundred pound speaker walked its way off the top of ledge above my DJ booth and almost killed me. I sold my records the next day and moved to Toronto to work tech support for an internet company. Yes, I was that guy. The one who makes you feel stupid on the phone because you don't have all the knowledge he does. I am much more patient with people now.

After that it was onto a video game company for a short while.

Eventually I was offered a job as a professor at Algonquin College where I remain to this day. I  teach Scriptwriting for  Animation, and Game Developers as well as Communications courses for students across the School of Media and Design.

So somehow, the thought I had when I was in University that it would be cool to have a career where I taught and wrote books, has come to be my reality.

I married a wonderful woman (still not sure how I tricked her into that) and we have two boys.

On the writing front; my first short story was published when I was nineteen. Since then I have had 30 short stories and one novella published in magazines all over the world.

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I now have ten novels for young adults published with Orca Books. I have two more sold (Shark coming February 2018 and Shut Out coming February 2019). I currently have promised myself to only work on one book at a time and am mostly keeping with that as I move forward with Finding the Wave but am mostly done the first of what I see a trilogy called Fugitive State .

Currently I'm a member of:

Capital Crime writers
Crime Writers of Canada 
The Writers Union of Canada