I was being asked a lot of questions regarding how to write novels, so, during November, I'll be making a number of videos regarding writing, planning, and everything else I can think about which has to do with creating a good first write.


Week 2 is all about writing the Reaction phase of your novel. This is where your character considers what has happened to her and tries to understand the what and why of it all.

Here's a link to the Prezi I mention in the video.

Video #3 - #Nanowrimo2015 Week 2 - Reaction

Week 2 of my #nanowrimo2015 tips. The Reaction phase. This is one of the more difficult phases in a novel, but it sets up so much of the rest of the book that it cannot be ignored. Go to for writing tips, videos, and presentations.

Video #2, it's all about Friendship

Video #1 Structuring your novel - how to hints