I once asked a good friend how many books she thought I'd end up publishing. She thought about it for some time and came up with 10. So hopefully I don't get hit by a bus today because I have just sold my 10th book to Orca. The yet unnamed novel is also my first sequel. Rob from Coming Clean is the protagonist. He and his mother have moved 'Up North' to be closer to where Adam has been transferred to a new prison. This one is about how we sometimes see people as nothing more than a part of a group, and we lay all our pre-conceived notions of what 'those people' are like upon them.

This fall I have two books coming out. High Note (which has the most awesome cover, I'll post it as soon as I am allowed) and A Dark Truth (another 'skateboard' novel, but with a dark undercurrent). I'm currently working away on a couple of projects, but then sometimes I get a shiny new idea and go chase it for awhile. 

I had a blast at the Librarian's Super Conference last month. Some of the conversations I had with librarians pushed me to write this new book as a Soundings with Rob as the protagonist rather than to pursue it as the full length, stand alone novel I was setting it up to be. I guess what I'm saying is, it's nice to get out of the house once and awhile and talk with people. We don't do that very often as writers (or, at least I don't). 

For any of you keeping score, my Anticosti novel is still out there trying to find a home. 

In kind of non-writing news a friend (thanks Jason!) gave me a very sweet stereo and though I have yet to become a hipster doofus trolling the local record shop for 'vintage vinyl' I have rediscovered the joy of listening to music while writing. I'm slowly working my way through hundreds of CDs around here, and Spotify has never sounded so good. Recently on a Soul kick. Things get pretty smooth here some days. Music wise, anyway.