We got out snowboarding for the first time this year the other day and my mind immediately went back to flow. There's something about snowboarding and surfing, and to a lesser degree skateboarding, which makes me think of how we move through this world. With snowboarding, everything is about flow. There's nothing abrupt about it. You keep moving down the hill even while hitting rails or jumps. 

What I thought about this time, though, was slightly different. It occurred to me that we all need to find the thing in life where we feel the most flow. My Animation students bring this to mind often when they're hunched over their desks working away. The same is true for my writing (most of the time). I have heard writers say that it becomes easy. And it does, or at least, easier. Over time you figure out the way to make the difficult things work for you. The things that no one else would even notice. But in the end, there is talent and there is experience. We're all talented at something. I truly believe this. And with experience, whatever it is we can do becomes easier. More fluid.
It gains flow.
And to not do this thing becomes difficult.
This was the other thought I had while out boarding. I've had a great holiday season. We had friends and family around. There was hockey and skateboarding and snowboarding and many, many delicious meals. But I didn't write much at all. Certainly nothing new. It will take a little to get back into the flow, but once I do, I suspect I'll be right back where I love to be, here, at this desk, creating.

This is snowskating. So far, there is no flow. Just slide, fall. It's a full skateboard without the wheels. Instead there's a ribbed sheet of plastic on the bottom and a foamy top. It works very much like a skateboard, but the snow needs to be pretty flat and solid. On the plus side, the photo is of me standing on the edge of the large half pipe at Legacy skatepark and, with the fear of falling on hard concrete gone, I was able to drop in no problem.