'Set You Free' has been out since October, and somehow it has taken me this long to get a giveaway up on Goodreads. 

'Set You Free' is a special book for me for a few reasons. First, I love mysteries and, since day one, have been writing them whether I knew it or not. Secondly, it is my first stand alone novel. . All my other novels have been a part of a series, whether the Orca Sports, Soundings, or Limelights. I intend to keep writing in these series as well. But 'Set You Free' is a much bigger novel which allowed me the room to really get into the characters and the mystery. And, finally, it's about family. I dedicated this book to my two sons. 'you might not always be best friends - but you'll always be brothers.' 

So, if you haven't read Set You Free yet (and honestly, what are you waiting for?) Here's your chance to get a copy for free.