Day 4: Croaking my way through Lethbridge

Red Deer took my voice. 

I managed to get through a single, abbreviated talk at Gilbert Paterson School. I stayed for some time, though, talking with anyone who could stand to listen to my sad little voice.

So, I unfortunately had to cancel on Vulcan which I feel will weigh heavily on my mind in the years to come. I'm attempting to stay silent this afternoon in order to be able to do two talks tomorrow in Claresholm. 

Luckily I don't need my voice to skateboard so I headed over to the really amazing Lethbridge park. I had the whole place to myself but didn't want to destroy my board board on a skateboard board  too much.

I spent the afternoon resting, drinking tea with honey, about three gallons of water, and not talking at all. But I don't really want to be sitting in a hotel room not talking. I want to be at these schools talking to all these awesome kids. So, fingers crossed for tomorrow.