TD Book week Day One

When I was a kid, a friend visited some family in Edmonton and had the luxury of going to the West Edmonton Mall. He spoke about how large it was. How sprawling. And, for some reason, I still remember him saying how there were "Four Gap Stores".

My mind went mad then. Why would any place require 4 Gap Stores? I couldn't fathom how large this place might be that depending on where you went in, it would simply take too long to get from one spot to another so The Gap had set up 4 separate stores. I wondered if each store was slightly different. Like, they had different stuff. And if they did, what was that stuff!? I didn't even shop at the Gap, so who knows why that all even mattered to me.

Well, today I found one Gap in the West Edmonton Mall. I didn't dig any deeper to see if others existed. There were sea lions, after all, and a skatepark in the basement of the West 49. It is a massive, sprawling space with a giant water park and skating rink, among other things. But just seeing one Gap settled something that had been picking at mind for a lot of years.

I visited Mayerthorpe today. A great school with an active and interested student body. I did four different presentations and was impressed by the school, staff, and student body. They had a great display of my books. 

The level of understanding of the students, of story, structure, and popular media, was impressive. 

Before leaving for Mayerthorpe, I stopped at the skatepark in Stony Plain. There seems to be a lot of skateparks in this province. I hope to hit the one down the street in Leduc in the morning. But that is going to depend on whether I drag myself out of the hotel early enough. 
Tomorrow, Camrose. 

Can't wait.