TD Canada Trust Book Week is upon us

Sunday is fast approaching and I have no idea if I'm prepared for this. I know my talks are finished. I've practiced them. I can't wait to get out there and talk with all these people. But I really don't know if I'm prepared...
I mean, do I have enough underwear? That's yet to be determined. Enough music on my phone? Enough space to put music on my phone? These are questions that need to be answered. Are there any movies on my laptop to watch? Will TC Boyle's brilliant new The Harder They Come be enough to fulfill my reading needs? 
I have my new skateboard, which I have been very good about not riding yet (it is currently sans trucks and wheels, but soon enough it will be road worthy).

I have new shoes! That's a real treat right there. 2 pairs because I'm already destroying my Etnies. New pants even.
Still have to look into that underwear stuff.
Who knew that heading out on tour could be so time consuming. I was wondering yesterday if I had ever had a hotel room to myself and I couldn't think of a time. Not once. My European tours were with friends. Luckily, I'll only have a night to see how this feels before my lovely wife (Megan the organized) will be joining me and saving me from whatever depravity I have slipped into (staring at the ceiling, I suspect. Possible mini-bar abuse). 
I need to pack, though. I need to give my kids some extra hugs because I'm going to miss them over this next week. I'll miss two hockey games and a recital! 
All that being said, I cannot wait for this to begin. I love talking about writing and skateboarding and storytelling.