How's Writing Going, Jeff?

Glad you asked!
It isn't.
I've been stalled for over a week now on my edits of the Anticosti novel which will, someday, be given a real forever name. Right now it's called Henry & the German, pretty much entirely because I like that '&' in there. But then there are about eight trillion books with the & in them now.
Such as Me & Earl & The Dying Girl which is an AMAZING book and also now a film

Although that's not even really all that new, though I can't wait for the movie because Jesse Andrews is awesome.
There are other books with the '&' between the names but I can't seem to remember what any of them are so I'm now wondering if it's a good idea or not. I should be able to remember names, shouldn't I? Though mine isn't  just names.... The German is there. A bit of mystery or something.

Honestly, the title doesn't matter at the moment because the book isn't finished and it really should be finished by now which means, sigh, back to getting up at 5am which I claimed to really enjoy, but, honestly without coffee that would be a disaster as well.
What else is new? It's the first day of Spring and it's snowing and cold but people are wearing shorts because it's Canadian to have frozen legs and stuff. 

On the reading front (did someone ask about what I'm reading?) The Buried Giant is a bit of a slog and I have no idea why. Ogres, Pixies, Knights and dragons! What could be better? Yet getting to the end of this thing is now an act of necessity rather than joy. It is a good book, and not hard to read, but the progress is just.... I don't know. And there's this stack of books on my bedside table I really really want to read and am not because I have to finish this thing first! 
99 Problems, yo, and finishing a book is one. Or maybe two.