The Year of Trying one thing at a time.

I managed to get a few books half completed last year (see previous post). This year, I'm working on one thing at a time, and it is RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT for me to do this. Especially since I have just figured out the structure of a new YA novel that isn't just a shiny new idea, but, it seems, the culmination of a number of ideas I have had for some time.  In fact, I can see some characters that I have really enjoyed writing before showing up in this. I'm putting down ideas and promising myself I won't really look at starting this at all until I get the current book I'm working on (The Anticosti novel) finished. After that, there's the new Limelights I sold to Orca last year that I need, and can't wait, to write. 

Luckily 'At Ease' and 'Set You Free', both coming out in October 2015, are, for the most part, finished. I just did the 'little bits of things that need cleaning up' edit of Set You Free. At Ease was completed in December. So my duties there are done.

Anyway, one thing at a time this year. Focus is my mantra.

Work that needs completing in the order it shall be done:
1) Anticosti Novel (Currently @ 18,000 words. Projected finished at 60,000)
2) Adult PI novel re-write (I had to write this book. It was just so stuck in my head that it had to come out. And I really, really like it. But it needs a major re-working. Must be done by June. Likely if and when it is published will be under a pen name.)
3) High Note, Orca Limelights 2016 (First write submission date of June 1st)
4) Shiny new idea....!!!!
5) Rummage through the other books I put together in 2014 and see if there is anything salvageable or if they were all nothing more than writing exercises, which would be fine as well.

I'm lucky these ideas keep coming. It's also healthy to let even the most shiny of shiny new ideas sit for awhile before diving in. In the meantime, I'll be visiting Alberta in May with the bookweek celebrations to give multiple readings. I'll do my best to blog, tweet, facebook, &c. that trip. I also have an incredible group of animation students this year that I'm having  a blast working with. 
So, my days are full, and good. Very good. Even those hours spent in arenas watching my sons play hockey. Those days are very good.