Finishing, middling, beginning

Anticosti Island is like no place I have ever been. Deep forests, some sections of which have possibly never been seen. Expanses of ocean around every corner. Caves, trails, canyons, waterfalls. It was a truly incredible trip. I would like to jump right into writing the book I have based there, but there's much left to do first.



I need to finish this book which I still do not have a title for. My Scrivener file is called St. Lawrence. I have a final chapter or two to write. I know how it ends, kind of. I'm just trying to figure out why it ends as it does. Why the characters do what they do. It is such a tangled plot, though a simple one. The messiness is in the characters' heads. I have loved writing this one as it is in third person, something I rarely do, and the three main characters are forever linked because of the events in this book. Some which they force into reality, others which are beyond their control. I hope to finish this next week, though who knows. I've edited the whole thing twice, but still don't have those final two chapters. This is not a good way to work, trust me.

I'm also in the middle of a re-re-re-re-write of what was originally called 'Freaks' or 'Ferrets, Furries, and Florida'. A lot has changed. The original book was about a boy trying to figure out how to interact with people after the death of his grandfather. It worked in a lot of ways, but not all that I wanted. It is now called 'Everything You're Not Supposed to Be' and is still about the same boy, Cole Fletcher, and the same girl, Jes Ellacott, but is now more about the perception of the sexes. How girls view themselves, one another, and feel viewed by the world/media. How boys view themselves, girls, and deal with peer pressure when it comes to girls and dating and where romance, or romantic love, falls into all of this. The more I work on it, the more I see how much girls and women have to put up with, and how easy it is to cave. The constant battle between being what you believe you're expected to be, and being who you feel you are. I think boys go through the same thing, but not in the same way. It's taken awhile for me to understand that this is what the book is really about. And as I work my way through it, I am happy with how it is developing.

Then I have further research and plotting to do with  the Anticosti novel. This one can go one of two ways. A very straight forward adventure which will deal with the question of how black and white good and evil actually is. Or, a more ambitious book which follows the same ideas, but digs deeper into more universal themes. I hope the ideas will solidify as I work on it. I do intend to focus on this book alone once I get going on it.

As well, I've just begun editing 'At Ease' the Orca Limelights book. I am working with Robin Stevenson on it, and am pretty excited about this. Robin is an award winning author and her books were a couple of the first ones I read as I began working in YA. Following this, Robin and I will be working on the edit of 'Set You Free'.

In the meantime, I'm spending at least an hour a day at skateparks with my boys. Today was three hours which might be too much. It's fun watching them learn new tricks, and get comfortable cruising around. Though at the end of a session, I seem to be the sweatiest. I need to learn to sit down now and then.

But, you know, life is short.