Final Derek Episode

As a follow up to the previous post, I'd like to briefly look at the final episode of Derek.

It was excellent.

We saw growth in all the characters. Geoff might have learned a lesson, to be less of a douche, which was necessary for this new character. Kevin helped Derek, was less disgusting, and seemed to contribute not only to the home, but to the show itself. Hannah's story of the lost pregnancy and boyfriend (who did return during the second to last episode) was sidelined in order for the episode to truly focus on Derek's growth. Here he goes on a date. He is 'himself' but he is growing and changing as a person.

I think I hold Gervais at a higher level than other TV creators because of what he has managed to do with the medium. The Office was excellent. There are scenes from that series which pop into my mind now and then and make me cringe. The Ben Stiller episode of Extras stands out as well. Amazing ideas. I have listened to all of his podcasts, going back to his XFM days when he and Merchant were simply morning DJs. All the stuff with Karl. This last season of Derek, for me, was the only time when I've been left wanting from what Gervais produced.

I'm glad that final episode turned it around. Seen as a complete season, I can see what Ricky was doing with the show, the characters, and the ideas. Here's to hoping he keeps true to form and resists the urge to do a third season. This is a perfect little package, as was The Office, and Extras. Maybe we'll get a Christmas episode some time. Derek gets a puppy. Hannah gets married. Kev gets a job. Geoff gets kicked in the nuts.