Jeff, where have you been?

I'd like to say I've been writing just too much to find the time to blog. This would be partially true, but not entirely so. I like blogging, it's a kind of spewing of ideas. I almost always want to go back and edit my blogs, though. I'll read through one and say, 'Why are you telling people that? Perfect strangers! What would your mother think?!' My mother's on the Internet but claims she has no knowledge of my website. An article was once written and published in a major Canadian newspaper about my wearing nail polish when I DJ'd. There were other things in that article, but I suspect the nail polish thing stood out for her. I can understand her apprehension about reading anything about me or my life now.

I kind of want to go scuba diving again. That's something I've recently been thinking. Will I? Not likely. I managed 25 dives and the final one really felt like the final one because I forgot some basic things and was under the impression that I was going to die. Thinking you are going to die 50 feet below the surface is not a good thing. If I ever went again, I'd have to take a refresher course first. Scuba diving is not like riding a bike. There's just too much math involved. I did surface with a new found love of the world, though that lingered only so long as well. Then I was just happy that I hadn't been eaten by a shark or shot to the surface too quickly and suffered horribly from the bends or just inhaled a bunch of water and sank to the bottom of the ocean. 
I also once almost swam directly into the propellers of the dive boat. It made perfect sense to get as close to the ladder as possible and the propellers were right there. Things get strange under water. Your mind bends in different directions. 

The Crime writing group I am a part of here hosted a day of panels and workshops along with an extensive interview with Peter Robinson. He was fascinating to listen to. I discovered he uses Scrivener as well. Scrivener, if you haven't read about it on here, is a life saver for those of us who can't keep track of anything. It's really the only writing 'tool' I need. I keep reading about authors who write first drafts by hand. Which to me sounds absolutely bonkers. How would you do that? I wrote a page the other day by hand and I now have no idea what any of it says. 

Onto writing.

I'm still working on 4 novels at a time, plus some research.
1)I've completed most of the Limelights book, and am kind of waiting to do the ending to make certain that what I have set up doesn't get bonked out by a better idea or two. So far it's stayed strong, but I can see it wavering now and then.

2)I've written 30,000 words of the PI novel that I said I was quitting on and am now managing 3000-4000 words a day on. Apparently I don't listen to myself when I say a book has been fired. It's fascinating what can happen when you spend that kind of time on something every day. What was giant before suddenly feels small. I go back and forth from planning to writing to re-writing to some brief editing to writing again. All in the same day! And without despair! What is this world of available time and energy? Where have you been hiding?

3) I'm still editing my last YA, which remains untitled for some reason. Possibly because I haven't figured out a title yet. It'll come. I'm also seriously re-writing sections of it because there was a little too much 'johnny goes through the door and sits on the couch. 'Man, this couch is beat, yo'. kind of stage directions stuff. It was boring me so I can only imagine what it'd do to a reader.

4) And, finally still working on the Regular Old Literary Novel (ROLN). Just bits and pieces, but it seems I'll have to put it aside in order to complete anything else.

Are 4 projects at once too many?? Yes, likely. But it seems to be working for me. During the school term there's no way I could do this. My mind is already too scattered. But for these two months a year where I have nothing to do but write, it seems I can pull it off.
Plus, I'm still doing some research into the Anticosti novel which I cannot wait to get going on. It's going to be a hell of a trip. I've been contacted by a couple of nice people who lived ON THE ISLAND during WWII and are willing to share their memories! I've only had a couple of brief e-mail contacts with them and already new ideas are forming. 

So that's the view from here. 
Actually, the picture attached is the view from here if you need to be literal. But must we always be literal? No, we literally don't.